Hi everyone.

This is my first article, at the very beginning of my adventure with Eclipse.
When I started my martial journey, I somehow knew that “the path of the sword is so long, when you’ll eventually reach its end you won’t longer need the sword”.
I am still walking right now and with this Academy I will help others to walk that path with me.

But I feel I first have to pay my respect to all the people who made me able to walk that path.
It’s thanks to them that I honed my skills and reached several of my goals.

So, Thank You All.

  • Alberto Coltorti, for teaching me fencing; the man I owe the most.
  • Nick Musson and Faisal Mian, for bringing me on this LED sabre experience.
  • Giuseppe Iuculano and Francesco Pecchia, for teaching me the Shaolin Kung Fu.
  • Raffaello Caserta, for all the training time he dedicated to me when I was a kid.
  • Luigi Tarantino and Aldo Montano, for being an example to follow while I was growing up.
  • All my opponents, for the duels we shared, especially Riccardo Fornario for the best fight of my life (and I lost it!).
  • Nick Payne, for bringing me back into fencing after 12 years.
  • Tim Klotz, for his invaluable assistance.
  • My parents, who supported and provided for my early training.

Eclipse is to all of you.